Challenge America Summit

"A Prize is an old idea that is surprisingly powerful in modern society."

           - Mckinsey and Co., And the Winner Is...

On October 19-20, we gathered competion managers and innovation leaders from around the country to explore how competitions can build community, spark new technologies, and drive social impact. We received an AMAZING response for this first Summit! You can view San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's opening remarks in the video above. During the Summit, Mayor Lee also announced a new Night Rover Challenge Affiliate competition - the Energy Data prize hosted on the city's ImproveSF platform. The Summit's goal was to gauge if there was interest in creating an organizing body of knowledge about best practices in competition based innovation. The result was a resounding YES! 

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Mayor Ed Lee's Press Release Announcing the San Francisco Energy Data competition

Program participants were guided through select topics in competition based innovation by five leaders in the field:

Jennifer Gustetic, Prizes and Challenges Program Executive, NASA

Jeffrey Hoffman, Partner, Color Jar; Co-Founder,

Darlene Damm, Changemakers, Ashoka

Shannon Spanhake, Deputy Innovation Officer, City of San Francisco

Anousheh Ansari, CEO, Prodea Systems; Trustee, X PRIZE Foundation


This Challenge America Summit was just the beginning of our effort to help advance the state of knowledge around competition based innovation. If you are interested in competition based innovation and would like to know more on the future of this effort, please signup for the contact list below where we will send new announcements.