The Cleantech Open

The Cleantech Open is the Managing organization of the Night Rover Challenge. The Cleantech Open is a california non-profit organization that operates the worlds largest clean technology business plan competition and accelerator. Alumni of the Cleantech Open competition have raised over $660 Million in startup capital, 80% of whom are still economically viable today.

Learn more on the Cleantech Open website.

Younoodle Inc.

Younoodle is a leading entrepreneurial competition management company. Younoodle has run programs for world governments including Chile, Singapore, Malaysia, Denmark, Fortune 500 companies, and top universities across the globe.

Learn more on the Younoodle website.

NASA Centennial Challenges

NASA's Centennial Challenges Office is under the Office of the Chief Technologist. The objectives of the Centennial Challenges are to:

  1. Drive progress in aerospace technology of value to NASA's missions
  2. Encourage the participation of independent teams, individual inventors, student groups and private companies of all sizes in aerospace research and development
  3. Find the most innovative solutions to technical challenges through competition and cooperation.

Learn more on the NASA Centennial Challenges website.

I.S.I.S. Youth

 The Instituting Science In Schools (I.S.I.S.) Project is the first fully integrated and culturally competent education/entertainment platform designed and dedicated to increasing interest and aptitude in science, mathematics and technology amongst the youth of America. Through a combination of multimedia artistry and research method founded curriculum and pedagogy, The I.S.I.S. Project engages students via immersive experiences in science education and hands on academic enrichment programs.

Learn more on the I.S.I.S. Youth website.