Technical Competition

A Challenge for researchers and entrepreneurs to create an energy storage system that allows a simulated lunar rover to continuously operate throughout 14 days of darkness, while exceeding 300 wh/kg. NASA's Office of Centennial Challenges has offered a prize purse of $1.5 Million to the best systems meeting these requirements. Find out more about the official rules and regulations on our program pageĀ here.

Invention Experience

The Invention Experience & Youth Ambassadors programs help motivate under-served students to be engaged in their own education through both hands-on events and online continued learning experiences. Learn more about these activities and how to support Innovative Education through our Ambassadors initiative on our program page here.

Partnership Accelerator

The Partnership Accelerator is an initiative to identify and enhance beneficial opportunities for researchers, entrepreneurs and corporations in the energy industry. Through our work with the Technical Competition, we are engaging groups across the industry to understand their needs in developing commercial systems. Learn more about how to engage in the Partnership Accelerator on the program page here.