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Interested in finding partners for a joint team in the Night Rover Challenge? Post your organization below to find others who could help. Its a very simple process. All you need to post is:

  1. Company Name
  2. Headline for your company (if you have one)
  3. Your location
  4. What you Do (what technical expertise will you bring to a Night Rover Challenge team)
  5. What you need (what expertise do you think you need to win the Night Rover Challenge)

You will also be able see others interested in partnerships in this list. Listing your organization as a potential partner, is not a commitment to compete, and does not require any proprietary information. It is simply a statement of interest.

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Ojai CA
We are an innovative technology company that designs, builds
Northern California
Join the League of Extraordinary Electric Mutants!
Chicago,Illinois USA
Participating in the NightRover Energy Challenge with anothe
Chicago,Illinois USA
Solar Computerized Perpetuum Mobile of the Second Kind Netwo
Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
We are involved in R&D of lithium batteries more than 30
Washington DC
Opening advanced zinc-oxide energy storage technology
San Francisco, CA
An Advanced Materials Company for high energy density batter