List Of 20 Ideas For Your Dissertation On Criminology

Writing a dissertation project might seem difficult at first when you don’t know what you’re doing, but when you get a few ideas the project becomes super easy. Simply knowing the basic tips will help you complete the project fast and efficiently. Also, being very patient will be a big bonus, since it can take a while to use the tips effectively. Just don’t rush the project as it can lead to mistakes, which will make you get a bad grade. So read on to find out the best tips and tricks for the project. With that thought process here is a list of 20 ideas for your dissertation on criminology.

  1. How can we prevent drunk driving in the United States?
  2. What is the mindset of a serial killer?
  3. Is the max sentence way too much or is it the right amount?
  4. Criminal psychology in Europe
  5. What would happen if there were no police on the streets for an hour?
  6. When was the justice system put into place?
  7. How can we stop human trafficking in today’s society?
  8. How can we prevent terrorist attacks in the United States?
  9. Why do people steal other people’s identity?
  10. Top 10 cases of mass murder
  11. Should women be just as punishable as men are?
  12. How can we prevent today’s youth from becoming future prisoners?
  13. What can we do to stop child abuse?
  14. What can we do to stop fraud in big modern companies?
  15. How is life different inside a prison than the outside world?
  16. Should we have a work program for people who just got out doing jail time?
  17. 20th century organized crime in America
  18. Why do people resort in crime?
  19. How much better dose crime pay than your basic 9-5 job?
  20. What would society look like if there was no crime?

Here are just a few topics that you can use yourself. Try to think of a title that you know you will enjoy working on, since you will be more productive. Also, picking a title that you have some knowledge about will be a boost, because you won’t have to do too much research.

Do Not Panic!

It is a common cognition that most PHD students face a lot of depression when composing their dissertation. This is especially evident in dummies who find it difficult to fight it off until it becomes habitual. As a matter of fact, this can cause adverse upshots such the author might easily compromise on the quality of the content and fail to meet the expectations of the lecturer.

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