Expert’s Advice On How To Complete A Doctoral Thesis On Entrepreneurship

When asked by your instructor to write a doctoral thesis on entrepreneurship, you must ensure that each thesis has been structured in the same way as others. You will need to have an introduction, a body for the paper and the conclusion. An essay is not a collection of the work, it is your PhD and therefore, it is important to consider the right structure for the paper. Here are a few guidelines that can help you to organize the knowledge that you acquire as well as the hard work that you will put into the analysis.

  • Introduction
  • This is usually the first sentences of your thesis on entrepreneurship. This is the section where you will present the problem statement and introduce the paper’s basic content such as your personal contribution.

  • Background
  • The aim of the background is to set the tone for reading the work. You should ensure that this is specific to the field. It should make it possible for the leader to understand your stand during the thesis duration.

  • Related work
  • You can include some previous works that have been done on the topic. Was this done through applications, specific tools and models that were used in solving the problem? What are your contributions to the topic? You can write in a chronological manner from an earlier work on entrepreneurship to where you expect to expound on the work.

  • Technical support
  • You should provide a brief overview of the tools and methods that are used to solve the problem. It is advisable to include the resources that you design, analyses and the interpretation and implementation of the outcomes.

  • Critical assessment
  • You should ensure that you show how your contribution affects the project. Compare your work with other previous works that are related to the topic and show how the work will be an improvement or will even be better. Is there an alternative approach that can be used to solve the problem?

  • Conclusion
  • This is where you restate the hypothesis before you can summarize how the contributions and results have served to satisfy the hypothesis. Incase another person would like to expound on the work, where do you recommend they start? What are the challenges that you encountered? You should include in a brief manner the theses statements as well as the conclusion to the work.

  • Bibliography
  • Ensure that you have cited the sources in an alphabetical manner starting with last name of the author. Ensure that you cite completely while crediting the sources so that you aren’t accused of plagiarism.

Do Not Panic!

It is a common cognition that most PHD students face a lot of depression when composing their dissertation. This is especially evident in dummies who find it difficult to fight it off until it becomes habitual. As a matter of fact, this can cause adverse upshots such the author might easily compromise on the quality of the content and fail to meet the expectations of the lecturer.

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