Collection Of Intriguing Dissertation Topics In Psychology

Psychology, the study of one’s behavior and mindset, is a wonderful field built around understanding the human psyche. People act a certain way, for a reason that we have been trying to decipher. This field of study is still riddled with questions as every person on this planet is unique in his or her own right. So today I will be sharing some intriguing dissertation topics for you to choose or alter.

  • Topic 1: The Milgram Experiment
  • This is a personal favorite of mine; the Milgram Experiment goes like this. You will be given a role as the teacher, and you would meet a learner who would be in a different room, as the teacher you are tasked with enforcing discipline when the learner gets the answer wrong, but here’s the catch someone is watching over you, and you have no choice but to obey his or her command.

    This experiment is purposely generated to see if you are willing to go against your morals when an authority figure is present. You can make alterations to this experiment to see the different results you can generate.

  • Topic 2: The Pavlov’s Dogs experiment
  • This experiment shows that animals can be taught a certain routine. The experiment starts when a dog sees his food and begins to get excited to eat if you were to start ringing a bell just before you serve the food the dog will immediately know that food is coming.

    Alterations to this can be made in a way that humans can follow this experiment as well. You can make your own variation of this with other animals as well. Personally, we have used this experiment on our fish. Before we would feed our fish, we would always shake the bottle making a rattling sound. Once our fish hears this, they begin to swim up to the surface of the water to get first dibs on the food.

  • Topic 3: The bystander effect
  • This experiment can also be called the modified Good Samaritan project. If there was someone lying on the street what would you do? Would you just pass by not take notice or would you stop and lend a hand. This experiment shows that most people would ignore the homeless person, but what if we change it.

    You can repeat the same experiment but with a twist, change the clothing of the person to instead of being homeless you can turn them into either a wealthy looking person or something else, and you will get to see the different effects.

And there we have it here are some of the intriguing dissertation topics you can use for your paper. There is some topics you can use and the skies the limit so make sure to check up on other sources as well.

Do Not Panic!

It is a common cognition that most PHD students face a lot of depression when composing their dissertation. This is especially evident in dummies who find it difficult to fight it off until it becomes habitual. As a matter of fact, this can cause adverse upshots such the author might easily compromise on the quality of the content and fail to meet the expectations of the lecturer.

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