Youth Ambassadors


Our Youth Ambassadors are a community whose mission is to encourage students to take advantage of invention opportunities and innovative STEM programs.

Meet Youth Ambassadors at our events, talk with them in our online community, get advice and support, and learn about their experiences with invention and entrepreneurship. Follow videos and blogs from our Youth Ambassadors to learn about events, new innovation programs, and other exciting news.

Youth Ambassadors also share their passion for innovative STEM programs by presenting to schools and communities on the impact these programs have on students.

Do you love science and technology and want to share that with another student? Become a Youth Ambassador

Youth Ambassadors:

  • Attend Museum Experience events and continue to engage youth after events through the Youth Ambassador site
  • Encourage your peers to become engaged in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) via community outreach
  • Motivate them to continue their experiences with STEM by providing guidance on additional programs in our online community
  • Inspire peers by lending your voice to the Night Rover Young Ambassador site and Facebook page as a blog contributor
  • Mentor peers and help their journey to come Youth Ambassadors
  • Speak at conferences and conduct presentations on the impact of innovative STEM programs versus traditional educational programs
  • Demonstrate the need for innovative STEM and gather public support by getting signatures supporting STEM programs and the Youth Ambassador program

Learn more about the Youth Ambassador Program from our co-chairs here.